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      Dalian Bihai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in research, development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and technical consultation for environmental protection and gas/fume scrubbing.



      New reverse blow bag filter

      With the increasing of the requirement of energy conservation and emission reduction for the gas treatment industry by the country, the old reverse blowing filter equipped with the gas treatment system in most of the domestic smelter can meet the


      Denitration Process

      The control method of the NOX starts from the three phases of the lifecycle of the fuel, i.e. before burning, during burning and after burning. For now, the research on denitration before burning is less that on the control of NOX during and after the


      Pneumatic dedusting system

      The pneumatic dedusting system is a current conveying method widely used in powdery materials conveying system on power industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, steel industry, food industry, etc. It enjoys the advantages of simple


      Flue Gas Desulfurization

      Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) is a chemical process for removing sulfur dioxide (SO2) in gas and is also the most effective technology means to restrain the acid rain formation and prevent the SO2 pollution. Our company has successfully completed many


      Baking furnace fume treatment system

      The baking furnace fume treatment system is specially designed for the prebaking of anode or cathode in smelter. We developed this new system on the basis of advanced technology both in home and abroad and referring to technology adopted in the same


      Dense phase conveying system

      Our positive pressure dense phase conveying system is well accepted by many customers for its characteristics of simple structure, flexible placement, reliable operation, high automation, less investment, high conveying ash-air ratio, slow flow speed,


      Corollary Equipment

      We supply the corollary equipments for fume/gas treatment center, hyper dense phase conveying system, dense phase conveying system and anode jacking system.


      High pressure electrostatic precipitator

      The electrostatic precipitator is a dust collecting device with electric power action to clear away the solid and liquid particles in the gas.


      Anode jacking system

      This system is the anode jacking system on the prebaked anode pot of metallurgical industry which is widely used in pot rooms with high magnetic field, high temperature and full of dust. As the matured finish product of our company for years, the anode


      New low-consumption and high-efficiency bag filter

      The new low-consumption and high-efficiency bag filter, launched by our company in the recent years, is the advanced dry gas/fume treatment center. It absorbed the advanced technique from home and aboard in this area with addition of new technology